Rope (No Dirt Is In A Hole)


600 ft of white cotton rope sits in a gallery corner with a pile of scores. Every day for 7 days enter the gallery 1 hour before closing. Do any and all of the actions for any amount of time. Only the performer knows when the performer will stop performing, although the performance never ends.


If copper was a display of time moving forward then it was always speaking of the past, but never able to return to it. Rope speaks of plasticity - movement between past, present and future. If copper was a mirage, rope is the fabric of illusion. It is the constant negotiation with impermanence, the infinite give and take of any single truth.

The use of a score in this performance both placed and displaced the spectator: They became stewards of a chronology, gazing upon an image, actors in a scene, perhaps the performer themselves, perhaps the only thing tethering the performer to the performance, perhaps this will never end, perhaps they should leave.

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